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Youth Ninjutsu

At the Triangle's Premier Martial Arts dojo, our programs for youth ages 7–14 mirror those of the adult martial arts program, but with teaching strategies geared to make training effective and fun for that age group.

For both adult and youth students, To-Shin Do teaches a system of martial strategies that are effective in resolving conflicts of all kinds, including physical, emotional, and social challenges. These conflict resolution skills are essential for handling the negative circumstances that are an inevitable part of day-to-day life.

For young individuals who are still forming their core personality and habits, To-Shin Do offers training in confidence, self-awareness, empowerment, and the essential habits of encouraging and embracing the positive circumstances that are also inevitable in day-to-day life. The youth program of To-Shin Do is designed for students between 7 and 14 years of age–old enough to be forming opinions about life and relationships, yet still naturally receptive to the presentation of life lessons.