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Women's Self Defense

Women's Self Defense ClassChapel Hill Quest Martial Arts is proud to offer a Women's Self Defense program. Our quarterly seminars are two hours long and offer intensive instruction appropriate for ages 14 and up. Whether you or your daughter is going off to school, traveling abroad, or just want to feel a little more comfortable in the world, this class was designed with you in mind.  Too often this sort of training is reactive rather than proactive, often sought out after some traumatic event.  While it certainly can offer peace of mind after an assault, the real value of this training comes as these sort of situations can be avoided or successfully negotiated.  

Your instructors will guide you through an expertly designed curriculum that allows you to practice pragmatic responses to the 12 most common street assault scenarios.  You will learn how to escape from grabs and restraints, fight back against striking attacks, and even learn how to use common objects as weapons of opportunity.  The real benefit of this training is the confidence and awareness that comes along with this practice.  

The attire for this class is any comfortable athletic style clothing. These seminars do not count towards To Shin Do belt promotions but are meant as a stand alone self protection class or as a supplement to regular To Shin Do training.  

If you have any questions about this class or any other Chapel Hill Quest Martial Arts programs please do not hesitate to contact us. Registration for our seminars is available on our Events page. 

Upcoming Women's Self Defense Events

WSD Workshop

Women's Self Defense Workshop

Apr 28, 2018

Our Women's Self Defense workshops are designed to give you the foundations of self protection and tools you can adopt right now to increase your awareness and better protect yourself and others. Our workshop will explore various methods of dealing with an altercation, escalation and de-escalation tactics, techniques, and strategies designed specifically for women. Bring your friends and questions! Ages 14+

Half of all proceeds will be donated to the Orange County Rape Crisis Center.

This workshop is suitable for new and returning participants.